Candace B. Warner MD, FAAMA

 Medical Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine, Baton Rouge


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 Candace B Warner MD is the only board certified physician acupuncturist in Louisiana.  Dr. Warner has been in Baton Rouge since 1991.  She also practices General Infectious Diseases.  Acupuncture is not covered by insurance.  The only exception is the primary Bluecross Blueshield Federal PPO policy.  The state OGB plan no longer covers acupuncture.  Medicare has never covered acupuncture, although they do cover physical therapy, chiropractic and massage treatments!  Acupuncture is a very safe and cost effective modality that can yield pain relief without invasive surgeries or injection procedures.  Steroid injections can increase blood sugar and also pose an infection risk.  Dr. Warner also has a class IV laser that is effective in treating peripheral neuropathy and wounds.



About Dr. Warner